The World Organization of China Painters Founder, Pauline Salyer

Pauline Salyer Photo

Pauline Salyer
September 30, 1912 - February 11, 1991

Founder of the World Organization of China Painters

Pauline was a native Oklahoman. The elegant porcelain artistry for which she became famous began as a hobby in the forties. Extraordinarily skilled, she recognized that a three century old art form was being lost to the world and, characteristically, began a second life's work to recapture and rejuvenate the fine art. She sought out and taught individuals with talent, then traveled throughout the area lending her abilities to the organization of porcelain painting clubs so that her pupils could extend her teaching. In 1967 she published the first issue of "The China Painter", a bimonthly publication of porcelain art that is now a quartely publication. She served as its' editor and publisher from its' inception to her death in 1991. In 1967 she authored her first book, Great Artists of China Decoration and in 1967 founded the World Organization of China Painters, a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of the art of hand painted porcelain. In 1977, the first World Wide Convention of the Organization was held in Oklahoma City, bringing together hundreds of artists from across the world. In 1983 she authored, Oriental China Painting, a book based on visits to the premier porcelain factories of China, which she was one of the first persons to visit after the Chinese revolution. In 1983 she purchased property at 2641 N.W.10th to open a World Class China Museum that officially opened In 1989 at the Oklahoma World Show. she organized the Educational Art Institute at the University of Southern Colorado and in the same year, opened in Oklahoma City the World Organization Museum and Library. In 1989 the twelfth biennial World Wide Convention of the World Organization of China Painters was held in Oklahoma City. As a tribute to her creative life's work, over 7500 were in attendance drawn from all states of the United States and from dozens of other countries.Through Pauline's hard work and vision, this art form will extend into the 21st century and beyond.