Organization Membership Information
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Membership Information

Membership in the WOCP is offered to all who wish to further their knowledge in china painting, teachers who continue to strive for perfection, persons who wish to learn the art of china painting and connoisseurs of the arts. The World Organization of China Painters is for like minded artists grouping together at local, state and world levels to share a common interest. Membership enriches lives through old and new friendships. It is an opportunity for personal expression through art. There are several types of memberships that benefit all china painters, painting teachers and china suppliers who are interested in the progress of the art of porcelain painting.

The first is to belong to a state and local club. Starting a new club is not difficult but exciting. Six members are necessary to form a club and must be in accord with the purpose of the Organization. If you are interested in joining an existing club, or want to start a new club, contact the WOCP Headquarters for additional information. You receive four issues of "The China Painter" magazine with your membership.

The second is becoming a worldwide member. A worldwide member does not belong to a state or local club, but belongs directly to WOCP and pays dues directly to the Headquarters. Dues for worldwide membership are $50.00 for inside the U.S. and $67.00 outside the U.S. You receive four issues of "The China Painter" magazine.

The Dealer Organization is and entity or individual in business related to the furtherance of the fine art of china painting and the purposes of the Organization. Dues are $29.00 no magazine, $45.00 to receive1 yr. 4 issues of the magazine.

A WOCP Teacher is a person engaged in teaching the fine art of china painting. To become a Teacher in the WOCP you must be a member of a state and local club or be a worldwide member and complete an application. Teachers dues is $25.00.

If you have questions regarding membership, please contact the WOCP Headquarters, 405-521-1234, fax - 405-521-1265, email: